Many of our friends ask us ‘why they should be using natural oils on their skin or hair’. We have all heard about the many benefits but sometimes it feels like there are still some unanswered questions. In our very first blog post, I will try to make things simpler and clear.

The foundation of a lively skin lays in its ability to retain moisture. When we admire a young, glowing skin, we’re witnessing the skin at its very best stage – the skin structure is still maintained by its naturally produced oils. Once they start decreasing, we still hold some power in our hands – it is up to us how much necessary fats we are going to return to the skin. We can transform its state by feeding the skin with oils.

Hopefully, you already got the gist but it’s time to get into more detail. We will go through the most major benefits that Natural Oils bring in the table for body, face and hair!


Body oil is extremely nourishing for your skin. Body creams are mostly made of waxes and water. Although, they are great moisturisers and can keep the skin fresh and hydrated, an oil can provide that extra hit of moisture that your body may need. As we head closer summer, your skin will need the attention more than ever, and ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado oil, and almond oil can help keep your limbs soft and moisturised.
Body oil can repair skin. Above and beyond the hydrating benefits, certain oils can help repair and heal scars, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, soothe irritated skin, and even help tackle cellulite.
Body oil can be used to layer your scent. There are a few different ways to wear a fragrance that don’t involve spritzing a perfume, and body oil is another one to be added to the list. Find your favourite scent in an oil form to pull double duty: not only will it hydrate the skin but you can either use your oil to layer with your perfume and enhance the scent, or you can use the oil on its own for a subtle fragrance.


Natural Oils help repair and hydrate dry and damaged hair. In small amounts, it can also be used to keep it smooth, sleek and frizz-free. If you’re looking to add nourishment to your strands, make sure to apply the oil to wet hair before blow-drying, and if you’re using the oil to smooth down flyaways, you’ll find it works best to apply on dry hair.

What to look for :

  • Olive Oil: To revive dry hair – Good for dry hair, olive oil helps restore elasticity and shine but may be too heavy for those with thin or fine hair.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: To improve hair health – The blend of vitamins A, B and E in this type of oil helps add shine and body to thicker hair types.
  • Coconut Oil: To reinforce hair – A long-standing oil that’s been used to improve hair, coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft to strengthen weak spots.
  • Avocado Oil: To fight breakage – Rich in amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids, this vegetable-derived oil improves strength and makes hair shiny and more resistant to breakage.

Extra tip : Use your hair oil for detangling wet hair!


Using a natural oil as a facial treatment seals the moisture while nourishing your skin. Especially if you are experiencing dry skin, facial oil can help boost your moisturiser’s hydrating efforts. Natural oils are protecting the skin by keeping toxins out! This means extra protection against pollutants and smog, a known source of unwanted wrinkles.
Subject to the ingredients your oil contains you will enjoy a number of benefits. Oils with antioxidants and vitamin E can actively help with wrinkles reduction and skin repair. Jojoba oil can actually reduce oil production, making a great addition to your topical acne regimens, which can be drying.
Extra tips : Face oils are perfect primer for your makeup. They can also be used efficiently as makeup removers. Avoid makeup wipes that contain synthetic ingredients that can dry out your skin.

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